I helped develop branding for a video course based on the best-selling book “How to shoot video, that doen’t suck.”

I started with some inspiration from Masterclass and broadcast channels such as IFC. I then built designs that were bold, fun and easy to read. I took inspiration from Steve’s tongue and cheek humor and his friendly and calm tone and applied bright colors to the type and design elements. The design and animation also had to maintain clarity for students to show where they are in the course and during explainer sections and assets that could be reused for promotional and social media purposes.

3 things were provided:
-Updated designs that stayed familiar to the original designs from the book and website
-Animations for title cards, exercise cards, end cards and also individual animations inside the lessons.
-Toolkits sent out to editors for all 21 lessons, that allow flexibility to change type, colors, supers, backgrounds and lists.

Because no one wants to watch bad video. 👎

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